Traditional Acupuncture


Acupuncture is time tested modality utilized for a multitude of imbalances that occur in the body. Very thin solid needles are placed into specific points on the body to treat various conditions people suffer from. It is also very common for a small electrical current to be run through the needle to achieve better results, especially in the treatment of pain. An initial visit can last up to an hour and a half and follow up appointments up to an hour depending on what the patient is being treated for. What makes patient care at this Bellevue Acupuncture clinic unique is the integrative approach taking advantage of not only the traditional methods, but also the newest developments in natural medicine. Pins and Needles aims to yield effective results and actively engage the patient in the process. Pins and Needles prides itself on being able to effectively communicate treatments in terms that everyone can relate too.

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 Hwanhee(Bella) Schauerman LAc, Dipl O.M., RYT 



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