"Dry Needling"


"Dry Needling" or "Intra Muscular Therapy" is an acupuncture technique used to release specific painful points in the body. Another common name for this is trigger point acupuncture or Sports Acupuncture. This method of acupuncture doesn't necessarily follow traditional application but may use what are commonly called Trigger Points, Motor Points, or "Ashi" points. Through careful orthopedic assessment and palpation these points are identified and treated based on each patient's needs. Dry Needling may be likened to the "deep tissue" version of acupuncture as through the active stimulation of these points a "twitch response" is commonly illicited. This twitch response is considered a positive sign which can lead to increased range of motion, decreased pain, and shortened healing time of injuries.


Dry needling acupuncture may be effective for:


  • Muscle Spasm

  • Chronic Muscle Pain

  • Acute Muscle Pain

  • Tension Headaches

  • Sports Injuries

  • Joint Pain

  • And many other musculo-skeletal dysfunctions

What to expect on your first visit:

After a full assessment of your current condition you will receive treatment on your first visit. Sterile solid (very thin) needles will be inserted in and around the area /areas of pain. There will then be manual stimulation that will commonly lead to a twitch response, localized aching and brief discomfort.  Depending on the location and condition the needle may be immediately removed, retained for a short period or have electrical stimulation provided. Afterwards patients often feel immediate relief but also a feeling like they have exercised the area (aching). We recommend eating before your visit, increasing water and doing some light movement afterwards. 


Why Pins and Needles?

Both of our Licensed Acupuncturists specialize in Trigger Point Needling. When they are not needling patients in clinic they are often traveling throughout the United States teaching acupuncturists advanced courses in Dry Needling.


To see if Dry Needling Acupunture is right for you contact us today!

*In the state of Washington Dry Needling/Trigger Point Acupuncture can only be performed by a Licensed Acupuncturist. We always recommend seeing a Licensed Acupuncturist or Medical Doctor for any needling therapy as the required education meets the highest standard of training and board certifications are present.