Naturopathic Medicine


In today's society it is important to not only treat diseases, but to do ones best to avoid them. One of the best ways to avoid illness is to have a healthy diet, optimum nutritional intake, and proper exercise. With all the fad diets and exercise trends out there, choosing the program that is best for each individual lifestyle can be tricky. Fortunately, the Naturopathic Physicians at Pins and Needles can help. By creating a unique wellness plan for each patients individual health goals, Dr. Carpio can help patients attain the optimum health.

Some of the conditions Naturopathic Medicine has great success treating include:


  • Stress/Anxiety

  • Weight Loss      

  • Men's Health

  • Acne (Adult and Teenage)                

  • IBS                     

  • Sports Injuries                  

  • Headaches


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B Vitamin Injections

Low on energy? Looking for an immune boost? Perhaps even been diagnosed with B vitamin deficiency? B12 Vitamin injections are perhaps the most effect way of attaining a therapeutic dose of the vitamin. It is a quick and relatively painless procedure that reaps many benefits. All our B vitamin injections are packed full of the most absorbable forms of nutrients. If indicated the B shots also include a B Complex combo for better effects! To find out if a B Vitamin injection may benefit you, schedule your appointment with Dr. Carpio. Also, be sure to follow us on facebook for our B12 happy hours!

Food Allergy Screening

In Naturopathic Medicine food is a powerful thing. If a patient is eating a proper diet for his or her lifestyle, then treating and preventing illness is a much more attainable task. What if the certain foods you have been eating are actually the root cause of disease or are hindering the healing process? A patient could be doing all the right things according to the standards of thought but then find out a generally healthy food item is not for their system. Food allergy and sensitivity testing can help clear up these concerns. Obviously at the root of many digestive disorders is a food trigger, but what if a common skin condition such as acne, eczema, or psoriasis is being caused by something in a daily diet? Or even joint or headaches? 

Dr. Carpio has the ability to run and interpret these tests as well as provide patients with ideas on how to modify current diets to improve health naturally and effectively.

Clinical Nutrition

Have you ever considered the role of your diet in your current lifestyle? Perhaps you have a medical condition that requires specific food restrictions, or are an athlete or someone who is trying to shed a few pounds. If any of these apply, we are here to help. At Pins and Needles we take food very seriously. In fact, we consider food to be the number one medicine you can put into your body. However, unlike when you travel to your local pharmacy, we do not necessarily want you to go for the generic kind. That is largely in part why we create individualized diets based on each patients specific needs. Through full health assessment, patient goals, and more, Dr. Carpio will take the time to formulate and explain a nutritional plan that will best benefit you and give you the tools to succeed in incorporating that plan. Call Pins and Needles Acupuncture and Wellness today to set up your one to one coaching with Dr. Carpio on your road to eating and feeling better.